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If you are involved in a child custody dispute it needn’t be said that it is a lot more complicated than you thought. Save money on hefty legal fees and court cases by coming to an amicable agreement as soon as possible.  The longer the case is drawn out the more painful it is for everyone concerned, more so for the children in the middle!!

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Basic Child Custody Explained

Child custody battles are traumatic for everyone concerned; even more so for young children than anyone else. When there are teenagers involved, it can make them rebellious, and unhappy, so everything possible should be done to keep them informed of what is going on. The basics of child custody in a nutshell are the arrangement that is given to parents by the court of who is going to get the children, and when… The court will decide who will get physical and legal custody of the children after the divorce, and this will be done to protect the interests, plus well being of the children more than anything else, no matter what the parents want. Parents may do everything in their power to win custody of children, and mothers still believe they have a stronger case to get the children, but they could not be more wrong. Mother Child custody is no longer a standard arrangement as before, and even mums will have to prove they are the more worthy parent for child custody.

Court basics of child custody

Child custody court law states that neither parent has the authority to hold the court or the child on their own custody arrangements, so even if you have come to an amicable calm agreement after getting divorced of where the children will live, and which of you get the children during the holidays in the future, the court may change it all, as the judge sees fit! The best interests of the children are what the final decision will be based on, and parents will have a lot of work on their hands to prove they are the most suitable for physical and legal custody of children. If there is a child custody dispute rather than an amicable agreement between parents, then prepare for a long legal battle, and a costly one at that. Both parents will approach an expert family lawyer to help them win a favorable custody arrangement.

Changing Child Custody Court Based Decisions.

Only a judge can change a child custody decision after making one, and if parents appeal against the ruling, they will have to go back to court again. The parent that lost the child custody case initially; may do everything possible to improve their lifestyles, and later go to court again to fight for custody based on their better circumstances. Educating your self properly with the right advice from experts will save you time, money, and heart ache for child custody disputes, and is well worth the investment. Our two top rated child custody expert phychologists have provided some amazing resources on this blog that can help you regarding anything to do with child custody. Visit the child custody library and see what is available here.

Legal advice for child custody

The best choice of legal advice for a child custody dispute is a family lawyer, and it is important to check their credentials first, as well as their track record. Just remember that the fees are going to be stiff, so proper preparation will certainly be sensible using the advice on this blog to help you. If you have already come to an amicable agreement on child custody, then you can both seek out a family lawyer that can help you put these into place when going to court by representing both of you. For full scale child custody battles, make sure to keep track of the costs involved otherwise you can get financially drained by it all, to add to the emotional trauma.

Visitation Rights And Child Custody

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When parents get divorced and there are children involved then child custody and visitation rights issues arise, which can result in ugly arguments and disputes. If both parents love their children they will fight tooth and nail to get full child custody or the best possible visitation rights but at the end of thee day the courts will make the final decision. Child custody battles are obviously traumatic for everyone concerned and they can result in long drawn out battles between parents while the lawyers’ fees can be financially draining on top of it all. Young children are badly affected and may not understand what the arguments and fighting is all about while older children may become rebellious and side with either partner making the dispute really complicated. During the child custody dispute one or other parent will have temporary custody of the children either through mutual agreement or decided legally


Child Custody or Visitation rights


The final court decision will give one of the parents’ child custody and the other visitation rights and if these are not acceptable to the parent then they may appeal against them. The basics of child custody and visitation rights are the final arrangement that is given to the parents by the court for which of them will get the full custody of the children, and what the visitation rights are for the other parent The final court decision is made in the interests, plus well being of the children more than anything else. Preparation for the child custody dispute will also count in your favor. Have a look at all the excellent guides on this website written by two professional child psychologists covering everything from temporary custody to visitation rights. Investing in these guides will certainly stand you in good stead and where legal fees are concerned you will also save a lot of money.


Unlike in the past, mother Child custody is no longer a given, and both parents will have to go the legal route to handle everything from temporary custody to visitation rights agreements. The better prepared parent will come out on top and you can use all these excellent guides on this blog to achieve the best possible end result. No doubt you will want temporary custody of the children because a child custody dispute can be a long drawn out battle. Find expert guides on all these issues and more by visiting any of the links provided.

Custody Information

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Helpful Custody Information

When parents go through a divorce, they cause discomfort to themselves and their children and require custody information to gain a better understanding of how the state laws operate and what they are in store for when entering into custody battles with their separating partners.

Children often get caught between two separating parents who do not want to communicate or agree on anything. The parent’s attorneys are very helpful in providing all the necessary custody information needed to proceed with and finalize the disputes. Should parents be unable to reach an agreement over the child or children on their own, the decision for custody will then be granted by the court and the family relations officer will be sent to their home to evaluate the circumstances. The best interests of the child are always considered when the court makes its ruling.

Expert Custody Information You can Rely On

Custody information is easy to come by when knowing where to look and what to look for. Dr Elliot & Dr. Bricklin have compiled a website which contains over 200 different custody publications that will assist parents and attorneys in making the relevant decisions required to prepare them for what lies ahead.

There are a variety of different publications which can assist parents in obtaining custody information, such as the custody checklists, parenting plans, mother and father rights in custody battles and various state laws that may need to be considered when the court has made a ruling. All this information is easily downloadable and can be found in the custody library

Child Custody Attorneys

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You need a Child Custody Attorney


Child custody attorneys are available to assist parents who are in the process of finalizing a divorce. In the various custody disputes over children, custody attorneys will be appointed to mediate the negotiations between parents.


All good child custody attorneys will have an impact on the final decision either out- of-court or in court. The primary parent does not always get the greater share of custody time with the child. A possession schedule needs to be drawn up (also known as a parenting plan) that the court approves on. It is the duty of the custody attorneys to assist the separating parents in understanding the laws, rules and policies of legislature of the court.


How do Custody Attorneys help you?


Custody attorneys can also assist separated parents in addressing their basic parental rights and issues such as: physical custody (who the child stays with); Legal custody (crucial decision making); Child support; Visitation rights (Connected to the parenting plan)


Custody laws can be confusing, but it is the responsibility of the parents, court and custody attorneys to remember the best interests of the children. It is very easy to locate Child support or custody attorneys who can offer their assistance.


Dr. Elliot & Bricklin can assist by providing you with information that aids in locating the best custody attorneys to help with your case. Their website Child Custody center contains over 200 publications designed to help in custody battles – giving separating parents advice on various topics like drawing up a parenting plan to modifying custody and everything is easily downloaded.

Custody Laws By State

Child Custody State Laws

Child custody laws vary between states; it is very difficult to remain familiar with the child custody laws. States differ in their procedures to address issues such as child support, visitation rights and the reviewing of parenting plans.

You will need to know whether your states legislation promotes equal custody to both parents and whether or not it has the correct methods to determine the best decision for the child.


Most custody laws state that the best interests of the child should be considered. The law is a set of rules tabled and enforced by the relevant authorities of a given community.


Some laws such as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act control disputes where the custody battle involves separating parents in more than one state. They assist in the enforcing of child custody laws. States vary in their decisions for sole custody and consider it a difficult decision; Courts take into account various factors including: Physical and mental health of the child; The child’s preference; Availability of resources to provide for the child

Elliot & Bricklin offer over 200 publications that assist in child custody cases. Included in these publications is a new report depicting child custody laws in each state. All state laws concerning topics such as custody and visitation, child support. The child custody laws state with emphasis on how they can assist you.

Other publications include topics ranging from a child custody checklist to creating a parenting plan. Elliot & Bricklin’s publications can assist in preparing you for your custody battle. 

Modify Child Custody Agreements

Modify Child Custody Strategies

When modifying child custody

When a parent wishes to modify child custody, he or she wants to change the original order that was granted by the court where custody was granted to a former spouse.

When requesting a motion to modify child custody a parent needs to consider any changes that took place after the court order such as: the age difference in the child, the spouses living conditions and the change in the parenting plan.

The process to modify child custody

There are many different types of forms that need to be completed when a parent is applying to modify child custody, some of these forms include: file a motion to modify, the response and documents showing the parents agreement in the modification – which needs to be approved by a court judge.

The difference between an appeal and requesting to modify child custody is that an appeal is requested shortly after a final judgment is granted by the court, a request to modify child custody takes place after a period of time and can only be filed up until the child turns eighteen.

Assistance required: modify child custody

Elliot & Bricklin’s website Child Custody center contains a library of expert and quality child custody publications that can be easily downloaded and assists in providing information to mothers and fathers who are dealing with a child custody process. Some of these publications can assist parents with the knowledge they seek in preparing for evaluations, defending in custody battles or in an attempt to modify child custody.

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